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Driveway paving, concrete patios, parking lots, or landscaping, and so much more. O'Brien Paving Inc. does it all in-house with great workmanship, the highest quality, and the best value available.

Our Services

We offer an array of complimentary and integrated services, saving time, money, and a lot headaches.

At O'Brien Paving we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality asphalt paving services, with the best value for every dollar. Whether a large industrial parking lot or single car driveway we tailor our services to fit your needs.
Whether as a complement to asphalt paving or as stand alone service. We provide an array of concrete preparation, forming, and pouring services. From sidewalks to driveways, curbs to retaining walls, If we do it, it is done right.
Parking lots take more routine abuse than any other common infrastructure. We offer a full line of maintenance services and will provide free consultation to ensure you aren't putting good money after bad.
With decades of experience handling large construction projects we can take over much of your civil construction needs in-house. Asphalt, Concrete, Storm Sewers, Heavy Landscaping, Soil, Even Seed/Sod.
With our heavy equipment, trucking services, and layout tools, your small to mid-sized excavation needs are taken care of.
Soil / Clean Fill
We dig a lot of holes, that means we have a lot of good soil and clean fill. There is no reason to let good dirt go to waste. We can offer highly discounted materials. Depending on your needs and location unscreened clean fill can even be provided free of charge.
Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge

Driveway Paving

Top Quality, Best Warranty. With O'Brien Paving You know it's done right!

Driveway Paving
Serving Tri-Cities, Guelph, and Surrounding Areas

Parking Lot Paving

Our parking lot paving expertise will have your project done right, on time, and on budget. Let us handle your site works needs from excavation to fill, concrete work to paving, line marking to, soil and sod.

Parking Lot Paving
Patios, Retaining Walls, and Sidewalks.

Concrete Curbs and Sidewalks

Our commercial and residential concrete services, mean you have one less contractor to organize, and can avoid design and work delays.

Concrete Curbs and Sidewalks
Rock Gardens, Pavers, SWM Ponds, Soil, Seed, and Sod.

Heavy Landscaping

We provide landscaping services for larger projects, including excavations, site shaping, and stone work.

Heavy Landscaping

Fully Integrated Outdoor Contractor

At O'Brien Paving we can offer a wide range of complementary services to be a one-stop shop for all outdoor landscaping requirements.

We have successfully completed thousands of projects ranging from single car driveways to large condo developments spanning full blocks, including excavations, earth shaping, storm sewers, concrete flatwork and curbs, city sidewalks, and street curbs, playground installations, and sodding, essentially acting as your outdoor project manager, saving you the headaches, and eliminating much of the project delays resulting from multiple trades inconsistent schedules.

We work with you to ensure you receive the best quality workmanship with as little interruption as possible. We have worked with hundreds of homeowners in townhouse condos and subdivisions to ensure the job got done efficiently while not becoming a burden to residents or businesses.

With our hands on approach from the top down we do our best to understand your needs, and clearly communicate what you need to know.