O'Brien Paving Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge
Our Promise
O'Brien Paving strives to provide the best quality workmanship in all we do! Whether it's an asphalt driveway, a concrete work of art, or a 50,000 sqft. parking lot, we have always used the best engineering practices and given the best value for every penny invested, and we still do today.


O'Brien Paving was established in Kitchener in 1979 by Gary O'Brien. It has always been O'Brien Paving's goal to provide top quality service at a great price. Starting small we only paved and sealed driveways, always by hand using wheelbarrows picks and rakes, always serving our customers the best we know how, explaining what needs to be done, and never doing sub-par work.

This tradition has carried forward in this family business. Gary is still at the helm and with the help of his son Graeme and wife Jean, O'Brien Paving has grown. We now use all the latest equipment, and complete jobs many times larger, including parking lots and private roadways. Of course we still provide the best, most cost effective personal service for the homeowner as well. We have also added to our range of services including landscaping design, construction, and concrete.


Whether we're paving a patch, driveway, parking lot, or roadway we use the same care, the best quality and quantity of materials, and the best engineering practices for the job. While many companies have only a 5-10 year life expectancy for a typical asphalt driveway, we expect far more from ourselves with our fully engineered driveways life cycle's reaching up to 20-25 years and in some cases even more. In fact last season (2010) we just re-paved two driveways we installed in our first year of operations! That's 31 years; unheard of in asphalt driveway paving, but every year we meet customers of 20-30 years prior, who are looking for the same quality and friendly service they had the first time. In the Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge area you can not get a higher quality job done.

Of course we back this up with the best guarantees in the business, often doubling the guarantee of other Kitchener Waterloo area companies.

Concrete Workmanship:

Over the last 30 or so years our services have expanded to include landscaping and concrete, with full design to implementation services, and the same highest quality we have always maintained in our asphalt paving is used in our concrete and hard-scapping. We always use the best practices and the right materials for the job.

Our concrete work is second to none, we offer a wide range of concrete flat-work including broomed and smooth finished, and of course the luxury high end finishes like stamped and exposed, we not only create the most beautiful concrete surfaces you have ever seen we build them to last. All of our concrete work is backed by our guarantee which means something with a company that has been around in the Kitchener Waterloo area for over 30 years. While there are many people who offer concrete work there are few that offer it with the peace of mind that only an established company such as O'Brien Paving Inc. can provide.

Business Clients:

If you run a business or orginization and need work completed we extend the same level of personal service and attentiveness to quality as we do with our private customers. We offer peace of mind that our workmanship will be top quality and as cost effective as possible, meaning you have to spend less time worrying about your paving, landscaping, concrete, and bottom line, and more time running your business. Plus with our highest quality workmanship we are providing you with the best value for every dollar.

We will work with you to ensure the work is done in the least disruptive way we can. We offer comprehensive quotes and never leave out known required work in the hopes of hiding expenses until awarded the contract. We are as up front and honest as possible, making budgeting for your job easy.

We are fully insured and work with many business, contractors, and government organizations.

Business or personal, call us out for a free estimate and you'll see why we are the best company to do business with, from repairs to parking lots we'll do it right.

O'Brien Paving Inc.: 519-893-2614 or Contact Us