Tips for Asphalt Surfaces:

Asphalt remains semi-flexible, which is what makes it a superior paving product in our climate. This flexibility means the surface can soften and can develop marks or indentations, especially when new. Here are some tips to care for your investment:

  1. Do not drive or park on the paved surface for at least 5-7 days during summer months. This is dependent on weather - in cooler seasons less time is needed for the asphalt to cool and harden. Tire marks and depressions may result from parking on asphalt that has re-softened due to hot weather, parking on or near the edge, and not staggering parking. Heat waves may soften asphalt even years after paving is complete. The newer asphalt is the more it will heat up in the summer sun and soften.
  2. Do not dry steer, (turn wheels while sitting still;) ensure the vehicle is moving when steering. 
  3. Do not allow gas and oil to get on paved surfaces. An asphalt sealer may be used to decrease damage from oil products.
  4. Do not put pointed objects on the new asphalt surface, they concentrate weight on to a small area of the paved surface and can leave indentations (objects such as: ladders, lawn chairs, tire chains, kickstands, even narrow heeled shoes can sink in if the asphalt is hot, etc.). Use a board to spread the load when safe to do so.
  5. Do not use sealer for the first 3 years, unless otherwise advised. Please call us for an estimate or more specific information before sealing. Your best DIY option is a sealer type called asphalt emulsion.
  6. Do keep sides edged to help prevent weeds from spreading into asphalt. If any should appear, treat with a weed killer solution. (vinegar, dish soap, and salt) edging the sides isn't strictly required, and in some cases it may be beneficial to back fill over the tamped edge of the asphalt for greater stability. There is no reason the tamped edge can't be covered over.
  7. Avoid very heavy vehicles or equipment driving on your asphalt, unless specifically designed for heavy use as it may cause damage. Most driveways are engineered to support regular vehicles and light trucks on a regular basis.
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