Performing maintenance on your asphalt may extend the life of your parking lot by years, make it safer for visitors, and get it looking great for much less than the cost of complete reconstruction. But you don't want to put good money after bad. Consult with us and find the best solutions for you.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Your parking lot is the first thing guests and customers see and come into contact with when visiting your property. Potholes and an unmaintained parking lot can leave a negative first impression. If curb appeal matters to your company image, then O'Brien Paving's maintenance services can help you out.

Asphalt Maintenance

Proper maintenance of asphalt surfaces not only enhances their appearance but also their longevity. O'Brien Paving's professional team is skilled in a variety of asphalt maintenance techniques.


Sealcoating is an essential part of asphalt maintenance. It protects the asphalt from UV rays, harmful chemicals, and water penetration. Regular sealcoating can increase the life of your asphalt, saving costs in the long run.

Hot Rubberized Crack Filler

Cracks in your asphalt can lead to serious damage if left untreated. We utilize hot rubberized crack filler which seeps into cracks, sealing out water and debris. This prevents further damage and helps maintain the integrity of your asphalt surface.

Hot Asphalt Patching

When asphalt surfaces develop potholes or other significant damage, hot asphalt patching is often the best solution. This involves applying hot asphalt to the affected areas and compacting it for a smooth, durable finish.

Saw Cut Patches

For larger areas of damage, we recommend saw cut patches. This involves cutting out the damaged section of asphalt with a saw, preparing the base, and filling the area with new asphalt. This creates a long-lasting repair.

Surface Patches

Sometimes, superficial damages can be fixed with surface patches. These are typically used for minor potholes or cracks and involve applying a thin layer of asphalt to the damaged area.

Remember, a well-maintained parking lot not only looks good, but also reduces liabilities. Contact O'Brien Paving today for all your asphalt maintenance needs.

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