O'Brien Paving Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge
Extend the life of your parking lot by years, make it safer for visitors, and get it looking great, for a fraction the cost of complete reconstruction.

Hot Asphalt Patches, Sealer, Crack Filler

Your parking lot is the first thing guests and customers see when visiting your property. If you care about curb appeal, or your company image, then O'Brien Pavings maintenance services could be for you. Sealing asphalt does more than just protect from gas and oil, it makes your lot look great!

Aesthetics isn't the only reason for asphalt maintenance, hot rubberized crack filling can extend the life of older parking lots by years, making it a great stop gap measure providing time to budget for a more permanent solution.

Saw-cut hot asphalt patches are the ONLY type of patches which can last for years. Although sometimes appropriate, a surface patch even when using asphalt re-heating, including infrared heating, generally only last for 1-2 years before cracking shows through again. Better yet with O'Brien Paving you can properly saw-cut, rip-out, and re-pave a patch for the same price as an infrared heated surface patch. Providing real value for your money, not a gimmick.

Maintenance Services

  • Saw-Cut Patches

  • Surface Patches

  • Drain Repair

  • Hot Crack Filler

  • Sealing

  • Line Marking

  • Symbol Marking

  • Letter Stencils